Welcome to Embody Health Homeopathy – a place where we look at your WHOLE health.

Conveniently located in two central locations, Embody Health Homeopathy makes it easy to access quality alternative health care that provides results.

At Embody Health our goal is to look at your entire health. This means we take into account the whole person vs. just the individual parts or pathology that may be present. We believe that the person does not function as various parts put together, but rather as one organism functioning simultaneously. If a person endures stress of any kind; whether mental stress from work, emotional stress from a relationship, or physical stress from sporting injuries – each person’s body will respond in their own individual way.

Homeopathy looks to correct these individual disturbances from within, thus resulting in a more balanced, heightened well being. At Embody Health Homeopathy we strive to provide that best alternative health care possible. Our treatment provides a truly holistic and therapeutic approach, that we are sure you will find beneficial.

Please come in and take a look or contact us to learn more.

What would I see a homeopath about anyway?

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Homeopathy is able to treat anything from long standing chronic diseases to acute ankle sprains.

Click here for a detailed list of the ailments that can be successfully treated by a well-trained and licensed Homeopathists.

"Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and is the most complete medical science."

- Mahatama Gandhi

What is Constitutional Treatment and how would it help me?

remedy bottle A homeopath’s goal is to see the thread that connects our entire person. For example, a homeopath would see a correlation between the Hay fever that a patient experiences every spring, to their asthma they have had since childhood. Read more...

What to Expect...

The first visit with a homeopath runs for about 2 - 2 ½ hours in length. During the initial consultation the homeopath’s goal is to attain a picture of how the person functions as a whole. This entails how one functions, at the physical, emotional, and mental level. Learn more...

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Lengths of treatment are very individual. Acute ailments may be ameliorated in a matter of minutes to hours, however chronic conditions may take up to several months or even years to truly dissipate. Alternatively, a chronic disease may experience a complete amelioration after just one dose. Find out more...