Treating Motion Sickness Naturally, Permanently & Successfully without the Drowsy Medications

Motion Sickness

Many children get sick when traveling in cars, trains, boats and planes. It can be quite distressing. The cause can be more than just motion. It can be the fumes, the lack of oxygen, or a combination of these. Homeopathy has several remedies that can be helpful, according to the symptoms. Constitutional treatment will help to prevent recurrence (if re-occurring).

Below is a list of acute selected remedies, that when utilized appropriately in the situation, will treat the acute occurrence and will cease the symptoms from continuing.

Nausea caused specifically by downward motion.

Severe nausea, vomiting, vertigo and sometimes headaches from the motion of the boat or car
Lots of salivation
Worse for the sight or smell of food
Child must lie down

Irritable and sick from overeating at the beginning of the trip

One of the major remedies for motion sickness where there are no clear symptoms or other remedies have not helped
Headaches (often at the back of the head)
Child feels chilly but likes the open air

Child has a pale or green sickly, appearance
Extreme nausea and vertigo
Child lies still with eyes closed
is chilly and is in a cold sweat
needs the open air – will go on deck or open the windows
may feel better for uncovering his stomach or abdomen
likes to lie in the dark

Nausea and vomiting worse for motion and when the child closes his eyes, especially for excitable children

Note that children who need Theridion keep their eyes open, while those requiring Tabacum get relief while closing their eyes.

Potency and Repetition

Give two to three doses of 12C or 30C every three hours the day before the trip if it is to be a long one. On the day of the trip, administer the remedy every two to three hours, or as needed, for three of four doses. If it is to be a relatively short trip, give one dose a couple of hours before the trip, one when the trip starts, and another a couple of hours later if necessary.

When to Seek Professional Help

When none of the above helps.

Taken from Homeopathy for Children, “A Parent’s Guide to the Treatment of Common Childhood Illnesses”. Feldman and Pinto. Published in Great Britain. The CW Daniel Company, 2000.